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21st -- WEDDING
23rd -- WEDDING
29th -- 30 Day Priors & Initial Consults
30th -- Engagement Session & 30 Day Prior

13th -- WEDDING
18th -- WEDDING
20th -- WEDDING
28th -- Special Exception Family Session

24th -- Previous Wedding Couple Maternity
31st -- WEDDING

7th -- WEDDING
15th -- WEDDING
21st -- WEDDING

5th -- WEDDING

 9th(ish)-23rd(ish) -- Honduras
(out & return dates currently flexible if your wedding falls 8-12 or 20-24)

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I try and keep my bookings updated here so future brides have an idea if I have their date available or not before reaching out! If I have a wedding on your date, I'm sorry! I know how discouraging it can feel to find "the one" and find out they're taken. Luckily that didn't happen with your fiancè(e)!! I still encourage you to CONTACT ME! I have friends in the industry whose style is not that far from my own and who have packages in a similar price range serving the Paciafic Northwest. I'll put you in touch with them! If you see your date is still available, YAAY!!! I can't wait to here from you!!! ♥

hot yoga

Whenever I talk about "getting my act together" emotionally, spiritually, physically, it always comes back to this. ♥

Running in the cold

Ya'll are friggin crazy. That shiz SUCKS. Chest hurts, face hurts, --JUST NO.


We splurged on a Vitamix in 2012 and I'm 99% certain I've used it EVERY DAY since! I've made two smoothies a day for quite some time now.


Least. Favorite. Chore.
I hate getting just my hands wet, scraping food scraps, and having dirty dishes back in the sink an hour later!


I didn't spell it wrong, I mean my IIID Foundation in one compact! Life be crazy and I need my makeup routine simple, natural, and effective. My favorite beauty products!

Mystery ingredients

I've been an obsessive label reader on everything since I had a 4 month run of veganism in 2014! I prefer to know what I'm putting on and in my body.

eating out

Clynn & I LOVE eating out but try keeping it to a minimum while paying off student loans. Easily where most of our "fun money" goes!


I love the feeling of new clothes that fit well and express who I am...but hate the tedious process of obtaining them and having no clue what they'll be like after a couple washes!